Our Work

Our Work

Jabal Entertainment welcomes content creators, authors, artists, or anyone who just has the seeds of a story to reach out. We want to help you find the best medium to share your voice. We invite you to help expand our fictional frontiers! A sampling of the fields in which our expertise is employed:

Intellectual Property Development

Talent Representation and Mentoring

Branded Content Production for:

  • a. Television
  • b. Film
  • c. Publishing
  • d. Comic Books
  • e. RPG (Role Playing Games)
  • f. Toys and Collectibles
  • g. Licensed Apparel and Fashion Industries
  • h. Live Stage Shows

Genre Entertainment Event Planning

Workshops and Academic Seminars

Transmedia Development

Aspiring storytellers, comic book creators, animators—anyone with a dream—we’ve been where you are!
And we want to help!

From one sentence pitches to fully fleshed out work, Jabal Entertainment is available to evaluate and help develop your concepts and properties for sharing with global audiences, co-production partners, and distributors. Contact our team to explore taking a small step into a larger world!

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